I have a new job. I do. I am excited. I put in my 2-weeks’ notice and start on the 28th. Very excited. Better pay, crappier hours, and NO OFF-SHORING TO INDIA OR SPEECH REC! Sorta conveniently jives with my principles, ya? I have all sorts of ideas swirling around in me noggin about things […]

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Starting Over?

Well, I’ve put in 2 job applications, tested for one and am filling out an interview form as we speak. After 6 years with “the Q,” I think I’ve finally had it. I can and have put up with A LOT but no work just isn’t something I can put up with. I am a […]

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Big Meanie

I don’t think kids truly understand how much parents HATE being mean. Well, okay, most parents….I hope. Either way I hate being mean. I hate yelling, putting my foot down, meting out punishments and everything that goes along with it. I would much prefer it if such negativity didn’t even exist in the parental job […]

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Love, hearts & teddy bears

I officially have my first Ipod. I came home this afternoon from picking Andrew up from camp and there was a box on my front porch. I brought it in the house, opened it up and inside was a tiny box, gift wrapped with a note attached. Chris, across the ocean, hundreds of miles away, […]

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Not Quite Ready Yet

My mom once told me that “nobody teaches you how to grieve.” I’d like to add to that. Nobody teaches you how to be pissed off, either. I’ve certainly been taught how not to be pissed off. Or learned by secondary intent and life experience. I know that losing self-control is not okay. I’ve learned […]

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I Carry This Feelin’

You’ll really have to excuse my lack of posts lately. Between getting our house ready to sell and getting our house ready to sell, there really hasn’t been much time for anything else. But I was running this morning and a memory came to me. It was second grade, I believe, when I had my […]

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Now Comes The Mistress

I’mma be honest.  Getting your house ready to sell is a gigantic load of horseshit.  We’ve already passed our self-imposed deadline by almost 3 months.  I think we HIGHLY underestimated the amount of work involved. Or perhaps it’s just me?  It’s easy when people tell you, “oh, just throw a coat of paint on the […]

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Nothing To Get Hung About

My kids tend to put me on a pedestal sometimes. I’ve learned to just smile and go with it over the years. I know I will never live up to it, but they are going to see me however they do regardless. Sometimes, though, it’s hard not to smile. When I overhear them say things […]

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Yay Naked!

When you’re short, you have to dress differently. Especially if you’re short and not tiny. Meaning, not itty bitty. Meaning, you actually have meat on your bones. Well, really, it doesn’t matter. Because you basically have two choices. 1) Dress like a dirty slut to prove you are not a child. OR. 2) Dress like […]

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They Have Never…

On this, the eve of my first son’s first prom- for which, I must say, he was sorely under-prepared- I have come up with a list of shit my kids have never done. This is the one you’ve been waiting for! All the shit those poor, awkward, forgotten, and sadly under-prepared homeschoolers have missed out […]

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