Yes, I said 6 Quadrants

This is me wearing my writey hat with my writey face on. Sarge says he can hear my brain gears turning when I look like this. Not sure about hearing them, but I can damn sure feel them. I’ve been known to grind the clutch so bad it leaves a mark. Brian is over on […]

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….Yet They Belong Not To You

If I regret anything as a parent, I regret spanking my kids. With an interminable passion, I regret spanking them. I stopped when they were very young, so I don’t know if they even remember it. I hope they don’t. It’s a subject that goes way beyond merely being controversial. Especially in the part of […]

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Challenge: Be Human

Humans are quite inward-thinking. Do you notice that? Certainly, it must be a function of evolution. Perhaps even one of those things that have made our species so successful at it. Evolution, that is. Comparatively speaking, that is. But, I think there is a tipping point. Where that inward-thinking-ness becomes more of a hindrance than […]

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Childhood Bankrolled

One of my blog bros wrote a piece the other day on teenagers and money. He and I both have youngins about the same age, dealing with similar teenagey things like driving and money and hormones, so we are frequently able to commisserate with one another on the joys of parenting our burgeoning rock stars. […]

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Kind of Man

A lot of peeps have told me I should write a parenting book. Not because I am any sort of expert on the subject. FaaaaaaaR from it. But because my take on parent/child relationships seems to have worked, for the most part, for our children. Knock on wood. It’s a delicate balance between authority and […]

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Hurry Down

I get in these strange moods sometimes. Especially now that the weather is changing, I want to run all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. If I knew I would not get hurt, I would run every morning. 6 or 7 miles. Then, I would run again in the afternoon, right before work. Probably another couple […]

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One of Those Moods

So anyway. I know you’re just chomping at the bit to read the anecdotes and crumbs and chestnuts that coalesce to form that which is my life. For they are many, bright and dark- times that shine a light into the darkness, and the creeping darkness which shades the eyes from burning shine. As the […]

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Tomorrow, I will be Today, I have been a nonsmoker for a whole year. No cheating. Cold turkey. In the middle of doing yoga on a Tuesday. That is not to say I haven’t craved it. Oh, I have. Just the other day, I said “Why the hell did I quit smoking? That was pretty […]

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A Couple Stuff

I’m waiting for the panic to set in. The “Oh my gawd, we’re actually doing this!” panic. We interviewed two different real estate agents last week. Lemme just say. Disrespecting your competition with a smarmy grin on your face when they are not there to defend themselves is just sleazy. Yeah. That was the first […]

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