Ketchup Forsooth!

Shit just has not been amenable to blogging of late. You know, busy things and whatnot. Running has necessarily been reduced to elliptical only until September 25th. Stress fracture and all that nonsense. Bah. It sounds like a bunch of fuckquackery to me. Yet I abstain. I’m getting fat, I tell ya! I can FEEL […]

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No Excuses

I did something today for the first time ever that I am not very proud of. I continued to talk on my phone while checking out at the grocery store. It’s one of those things I have always made a concerted effort NEVER to do. It looks so disrespectful. As though the cashier means nothing […]

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You’d think the simple answer would just be to rest in between running days, right?

Let’s just say I spent an inordinate amount of time googling “hamstring tendonitis.” It’s yet to have reached the severity it was when I first pulled it, but it aches. Off and on. It will flare and stop. It doesn’t make me limp or really have any outward signs except the wincing on my face. […]

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Proper Breeding

Jake told me about a conversation he had with my mom last week. As she explained to him how well Stephen King is able to put his readers inside the story, Jake responded, “Stephen King is nothing. Just wait until my mom gets published.” And so, as I sit here with my noggin, my fingers, […]

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Running- 1, Childbirth- 0

This morning, I was doing that thing I do when I run. You know, when you think about stuff? Yeah. I was thinkin’ about stuff. When the runs start getting longer and longer, you start to battle boredom more than exhaustion. Believe it or not, your body stops rebelling after the first couple of miles. […]

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Embracing The Crus

“Mrs. Davis, your calves are HUGE!” Ahhh…. sweet Joshy Josh. I’ve known him since he was wee. Okay, 2005, when we moved to our neighborhood. But he’s still wee. Hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet. All you have to do is look at my Drewbear to see what kind of height-havoc growth spurts wreak on […]

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Gauntlet-Tossing Monkey Toes!

Anyone live near Myrtle Beach? I’ll meetcha at the starting line on October 21st! I have officially tossed my hat in the ring for my first half-marathon. That’s right. Thirteen-point-one. When I saw the date a couple months ago, I knew it was on like donkey kong. It holds a bit of meaning for me. […]

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I don’t make silly resolutions.

I can’t. My brain doesn’t work that way. It’s one of those things you learn about yourself when you actually take the time out of life to sit down and learn about yourself. People say, “Make goals! Tell everyone! Make a plan! And do it!” “Life coaches” and the “personal growth” section of book stores […]

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I kind of suck at interior decorating. Always have. My house is probably one step away from being a fully functional bachelor pad. I visit other folks’ houses and am just aghast at all the “stuff” they have. Tchotchkes and thingamabobs and even huge armoirs to display all their thingamabobs! Houses filled to bursting with […]

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“Dependent” Fail

There is no fucking way you are a military family if…… 1. Your 15-year-old son still lives in the town he was born in. 2. You haven’t set foot in a commissary in months. You haven’t gone full-on grocery shopping in a commissary in years. 3. Going on post still requires the use of your […]

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