Seriously, there is absolutely nothing.

Sarge was supposed to go out of town today, but his flight got canceled. I was going to whine about him leaving for 2 weeks, but now I can’t.

Sooo….maybe I’ll go poke the kids with a stick so they’ll do something funny?

Oh! I almost forgot. My electric bill was $420 this month. I’ve never seen anything like it. It seems that setting your thermostat at 76 degrees during the coldest winter EVER in the history of Fayetteville, North Carolina is probably not a good idea. Go figure.

Oh! Another super exciting development. We finally got a closing date for our mortgage refinance thingy. That’s wicked cool. You know, lower interest rates always make me hot.

Soooo…..I suppose in lieu of my normal wacky tacky sardonic diatribe, I’ll just let Art Garfunkel do the talking.