I have a new job. I do. I am excited. I put in my 2-weeks’ notice and start on the 28th. Very excited. Better pay, crappier hours, and NO OFF-SHORING TO INDIA OR SPEECH REC! Sorta conveniently jives with my principles, ya?

I have all sorts of ideas swirling around in me noggin about things to do with the kids on Saturday, I guess mainly because I’ve sat around the house doing nothing today. We really need to pack an ice chest, jump in the car and just go do something. Bah. Something.

I think it’s funny when I’m at the store or otherwise out in public, pick someone out of the crowd who looks particularly funny and then create a monologue for what they’re thinking. Like the old lady in line at Wal-Mart reading one of those celebrity tabloid magazines. It had some article on that Jon and Kate plus Eight shit on the front cover and she was all into it.

And I’m thinking in my head, “Oh, what a shame. He’s such a handsome fellow. I can’t believe he would do something so horrible to that poor girl. What a shame the path our young people are following these days. I hope I haven’t missed any episodes. Damn I can’t wait to get to my car. My panties have been in my crack since the soda aisle.” Yes, she was an interesting lady.