I’m going to let you know in advance that all I am going to do here is pimp out my fucktastic kids once again. So, if you haven’t already had enough of me here or on Facebook, then keep reading.

Jake and his band jammed at an open mic night last night. The fact that they had the balls to go up there at all blew me away, especially considering this was their first time EVER. Like, EVER. But the fact that they went up there and just fucking KILLED IT blew everyone away. They had no vocalist until about an hour before they went on. This chick did her own set earlier in the night and tore it up, just really amazing stuff, so she got up there with them at the last minute.

Oh, did I mention? Jake’s only been playing drums for a year. Yeah. He actually sees himself more as a guitarist, and would much rather play guitar, but you wouldn’t know it unless he told you.