It’s weird that we would be this close to moving yet decided to take our house off the market.

Yeah, we did. Before, I guess we knew the market sucked, so the prospect of having a gaggle of people parading through our house as we tried to live in it didn’t seem real. Now that things are picking up, we’re beginning to realize that it just isn’t realistic.

We’ve got two teenage boys and three adults living here. There is no way we can be, nor do we want to be, ready to show our house at any time of day with 1-hour notice. Yes, any time of day. Considering most people don’t go house-hunting during working hours, that means mostly evenings and weekends.
We’ve tried to stick to our “No two mortgages” policy. We really have. But the closer we come to it, the more it is likely that we will, at least for a while, have two mortgages. And curiously, that is just fine with me.

I want out of this town. I’ve lived here for 17 goddamned years. The exact same amount of time I lived in the town I grew up in. And I hate Fayetteville just as much as the town I grew up in. As sad as that sounds. The place I loved the most I only lived in for 2 years and half that time with a detached bathroom. Go figure.

We’re about 90 days out. The boys are already going to miss spring semester. Although Jake is kinda happy about that because he wants a break.

Andrew wants to start.

Aimee wants to get out of this town. Did I mention that? What happened with Andrew just makes it worse. It put a stamp of certification on everything people fear about this place yet had always seemed to elude us. You’re either brought here, born here, or left here ‘they’ say. I suppose it hints at the notion that no one willingly stays here.

Yeah, I’m willing to pay two mortgages for a few months to get out of here. To get my kids out of here and to a place where people aren’t perpetually traumatized, pissed off, knocked up, broke, and begging for trouble because there is nothing else to do. My kids have lived here their whole lives. They don’t even understand what that means. And it pisses me off.