Well, I’ve put in 2 job applications, tested for one and am filling out an interview form as we speak. After 6 years with “the Q,” I think I’ve finally had it. I can and have put up with A LOT but no work just isn’t something I can put up with.

I am a DAMN GOOD transcriptionist and am pretty damn sure I deserve something better than the Wal-Mart of transcription companies. In all honesty, they have been really good to me up until lately. As a part-time employee, I have gotten paid time off and 401(k), which is almost unheard of.

I have gotten a raise, which is also almost unheard of at the Q. I have gotten TONS of understanding when I need or want time off. And up until now, have made a DAMN good paycheck with them. BUT, in any language, no work equals no pay and I just can’t swallow that.

I’ve heard excuse after excuse, assurance after assurance, watched supervisors drop like flies and I think I’m just completely done with it. I’m nervous about starting over with a new company. Part of me wants to just keep status quo and hope things get better. Another part of me knows I deserve better. I’m really glad I don’t *need* my paycheck or I’d be a nervous wreck.