I don’t make silly resolutions.

I can’t. My brain doesn’t work that way. It’s one of those things you learn about yourself when you actually take the time out of life to sit down and learn about yourself. People say, “Make goals! Tell everyone! Make a plan! And do it!” “Life coaches” and the “personal growth” section of book stores […]

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I kind of suck at interior decorating. Always have. My house is probably one step away from being a fully functional bachelor pad. I visit other folks’ houses and am just aghast at all the “stuff” they have. Tchotchkes and thingamabobs and even huge armoirs to display all their thingamabobs! Houses filled to bursting with […]

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“Dependent” Fail

There is no fucking way you are a military family if…… 1. Your 15-year-old son still lives in the town he was born in. 2. You haven’t set foot in a commissary in months. You haven’t gone full-on grocery shopping in a commissary in years. 3. Going on post still requires the use of your […]

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Fish Story

It’s always an experience to hear Jake tell stories. He, my baby chile, got questioned by the law this morning. It’s understandable. It’s a school day. A random hooligan is walking around the neighborhood. Of course, the cops are going to be suspicious. Just more proof that my kid’s entire life is improv and the […]

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Discourse on Love and Cake

I ate a piece of chocolate cake today. Because some days you just need chocolate cake. It does something to your soul that money or love or babies or puppies just can’t duplicate. When you’re eating chocolate cake, you’re suddenly teleported back to age 12, when babies were cute, puppies were cuter, money was for […]

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Back Flips and Pigtails

When I was a little boy, maybe 7 or 8 I guess, there was a high dive at the city pool. It’s not there anymore. But it was back then. And the city pool was only 2 blocks from my house. Yeah. I pretty much lived there during the summer. All day. My favorite thing […]

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Languish Arts

Have you ever taught someone to write? I don’t mean grammar or spelling or purposeless academic filler, I mean really led someone by the hand into the caverns of their own mind. Have you taught them to truly communicate with the written word, to turn themselves inside out, filling this blank white space with heaves […]

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Cup of Night

I’m sitting on the couch in my underbritches. It’s 1 o’clock in the morning. Everyone is asleep but me. My dog snores, old, creaky, she shifts position and snores again. I like walking around the house in my underbritches at night. It’s a freedom thing. Because I like the way my legs feel when I […]

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Drifting the Word

When I was a kid, I drifted. In my head, I drifted frequently, in and out of the present, turning my tangible world off and on when it suited me. Everyone drifts a little bit from time to time. Even if you’re just scribbling in the margins of your paper in American History, you’re drifting. […]

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