Whatevah Shall I Do?

Since Sarge is going to be off playing International Man of Mystery, globetrottin’, kissin’ girls, and gettin’ in all sorts of double-OH!-seven, super-top-secret Army shenanigans for the next month (you know, the kind that require spiffy ties, a pair of Oakleys, and a Bowie knife strapped to yer ankle), it’s just going to be me […]

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Today, my offering to the blogging community (many of whom are only a fraction of a percentage less narcissistic than celebrities, myself included), is my attempt to turn a pointlessly mean and annoying human being into a saucy-tongued hero using only words, fingers, and a keyboard.  It’s a magic trick. Some people will come away […]

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Brain Sludge!

(My junior high band director used to tell me it was my “verbal vomit,” but I prefer brain sludge. It’s less guttural and undigested.) 1. Does anyone actually cook with capers? I bought a jar for a recipe once. I didn’t know what they were. They looked like LeSeur English Peas. I opened the jar […]

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That Cousin O’ Mine

Just tossing out a guess, but for every…..hmmmm…..let’s say 5 relatively “normal,” functioning members in my family, I have at least 1 who is so far beyond the definition of bizarre that it would require words that have not yet been invented to convey to you their utter and saturating bizarreness. Some of them I’ve […]

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