Considering I’m a pretty awesome person to begin with, and anything I’m NOT doing is because I don’t want to, and anything I AM doing is because I should, this is difficult.

1. I could say that I resolve to quit smoking, but I probably won’t.

2. I could say that I resolve to lose 20 pounds, but anything more than 10 and I would be underweight. Although, I probably wouldn’t care. If I were underweight, that is.

3. I could say that I resolve to be a nicer person, but I am nice to everyone who counts. Anyone to whom I could be cruel is not part of my life.

4. I could say that I resolve to pay more attention and be more productive at work, and I really REALLY should probably do that. Like, I’m supposed to be working right now. Sweet.

5. I could say that I resolve to take more vacations. YES. I will do that.

6. I will say that I resolve to continue with my daughter-in-law project because I never finish any project I start, and I have actually done pretty darn good with this one.

7. I definitely resolve to at least TRY to stop secretly caring what other people think.

8. And I totally resolve to buy myself a pair of black leather pants. I so want them.

9. Cook better. Cook often. Blog about it. Enjoy it. Embrace domesticity.

10. Start a “Favorite Things” box. Every week, I want the kids to write down a “favorite thing.” Movie, book, food, game, band, song, TV show, vacation spot, memory, etc. I’ll pick the topic, they write it down, memorable family discussion ensues.