You’ll really have to excuse my lack of posts lately. Between getting our house ready to sell and getting our house ready to sell, there really hasn’t been much time for anything else.

But I was running this morning and a memory came to me.

It was second grade, I believe, when I had my first and only experiences riding a school bus. It only lasted for a couple of weeks before my mom said never again.

But it wasn’t because of any of the reasons you may be thinking. It was because of me. It was because I was…. well…. starting fights. Yeah. Second grade.

The first time, it wasn’t really starting a fight as much as it was finishing one. You see, there was a boy who was picking on my little sister. I told him to shut up. But he didn’t. So I clocked him. Full fisted, right in the face. Bam. Fixed that little problem, didn’t I?

His mother called my mother and said, “Your son hit my son on the school bus today.” My mother responded with, “My DAUGHTER hit your son on the school bus today because your son was picking on my OTHER DAUGHTER.” Fixed that little problem, didn’t she?

The second time wasn’t so chivalrous. To make a short story even shorter, I sneaked up behind two boys and smashed their heads together. Bam. Nobody ever cried on Saturday morning cartoons when that happened. I fully expected to see birds circling their heads and X’s on their eyelids. Alas, no. They cried their little eyeballs out. I laughed, with so little empathy it was probably a bit disturbing.

That was the end of my bus-riding days.

My memory today is a hodgepodge of good things, bad things, completely meaningless things, and everything in between. But I have a lot of memories of my morning rides to school. And as I was running today, I thought of something so completely random yet seems to have stuck with me for a long, long time.

Listening to my mother sing. In the car. On the way to school. She’d sing along to her favorites. Loud. Without inhibition. She knew every word. And that memory is punctuated by my belief that my mommy was the bestest singer in the whole world.