So, yeah. I need to go ahead and make a serious admission. I hate gift-giving holidays. I hate birthdays. I absolutely despise Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are completely useless. And…..I hate Christmas……..*GASP*

So what gives?

Really, it’s one simple concept. The expectation of giving and receiving gifts. For some twisted reason, it makes me angry. It makes me angry to think someone is stressing themselves out over what to get me, especially when there is nothing I want, which is most of the time. It makes me angry to feel stressed over what to buy someone else. If the idea of giving and receiving gifts was completely taken out of the equation, I’d have no problem with holidays. I don’t mind having a Christmas tree or decorating or celebrating birthdays, aside from the gift part.

Make no mistake- I do like giving gifts…..if it’s something the other person REALLY wants or REALLY needs, and preferably NOT on a day when people EXPECT to get gifts. And make no mistake- I do like receiving gifts, not because the day calls for it, but because there is something I really would like to have and the gift giver really wants to give it.

Needless to say, I am beyond annoyed right now. I am beyond uncomfortable, beyond stressed, and beyond ready for this year to be over.

And I just realized I’m going to be 34 years old in 3 weeks. Naturally, I don’t want any presents…..unless you can cure MS.

Oh, and here’s another admission- I haven’t bought a single Christmas gift yet.

And my Christmas tree is only 3 feet tall because I refuse to move my furniture around to make room for an ugly-ass tree with electric lights on it……although it is kinda cute.

I hate egg nog.

I hate pumpkin pie.

I hate turkey.

I hate stuffing.

And yeah, Thanksgiving is pretty lame, too, but at least folks aren’t standing around with their damn hand out waiting for presents.

Needless to say, I’m very glad my kids are old enough that I no longer have to pretend that Christmas is the jolliest day of the year. That shit got old quick. I am trying very hard to be…..spirited. I’m afraid it’s going to require large doses of spirits, however. Perhaps I will drink myself into a jolly stupor until it’s TAX TIME! Which is my favorite time of year. Not because we ever get a fat refund or anything, but because I love doing taxes. Because I think it’s fun. To fill in little blanks with numbers. And read directions. And find all the little things that are different in the tax laws from last year. It so exciting. You think I’m kidding?