It’s always an experience to hear Jake tell stories. He, my baby chile, got questioned by the law this morning. It’s understandable. It’s a school day. A random hooligan is walking around the neighborhood. Of course, the cops are going to be suspicious. Just more proof that my kid’s entire life is improv and the world is his stage. Here’s how it all went down (according to my 16-year-old chile):

Cop- “scuse me, boy. What’r you doin out here on a school day?”
Jake- “Well, see, it goes a little something like this…..”

*Neighbor who knows Jake sees it all going down and walks outside to lend Jake a hand.*

Neighbor- “Hey now, what’s goin on? This is a good kid here, he’s free to go, you got that?” (small chuckle)
Cop- “Well, sir, you see….”
Neighbor- “He’s homeschooled. Leave him alone.”
Cop- “Oh! I understand now. Sorry bout that.”
Jake – “Well, if you really want to, you can throw me in the hole for being SO DAMN AWESOME!”

*Cop laughs uncontrollably.*

*Jake walks home to tell me his fish story.*