My best buddy Bobby called me up today and asked if he could come over to use my internet. He just got home from Afghanistan and hasn’t gotten his internet hooked back up yet. No problem.

I love this guy. He’s a 12-year-old in a 33-year-old body. He adores my kids. He and Chris are both really into rebuilding Samurai 4x4s, the whole rock-crawling scene. While Chris was deployed, Bobby would keep me company. He’d come get the boys when I needed quiet and they’d spend the whole day out at his place. He’s got a dirt bike. He lets them drive his Sammie. He sorta lives off the beaten path a little and has an off-road trail they can drive on. His house consists of a pool table that takes up the entire living room. His den is a couch, a HUGE flat screen TV, walls decorated with Christmas lights and a disco ball, honest to god.

I digress. So, Bobby shows up around 3:00. I was already making dinner considering I start work at 4:00, so everything needs to be ready to put in the oven by then. Now, as much as I love Bobby, he’s a serious bum. He’s a kid, remember? Obviously, staying for dinner was a given. He and the boys started playing Rock Band. At that point, I knew this was going to turn into some sort of Tuesday night impromptu Rock Band party. It didn’t take long for him to ask if he could invite his girlfriend for dinner. Of course, Bobby. Anything for you. She’s precious anyway.

So, cute little Monica shows up. Aimee starts working at 4:00. This is all before Chris ever got home from work. At least I sent Chris a text so he would know what to expect when he got home!

After dinner, Rock Band really got underway. I couldn’t play considering I do have to work, but I watched out of the corner of my eye. At one point, I see Chris sitting in his recliner, Andrew sitting in his lap. They’re singing a duet to the song “Simple Man.” Had I not been knee deep in some guys external iliac arteries, I would have shed a tear. It was, indeed, crazy sweet.