I don’t think kids truly understand how much parents HATE being mean. Well, okay, most parents….I hope. Either way I hate being mean. I hate yelling, putting my foot down, meting out punishments and everything that goes along with it.

I would much prefer it if such negativity didn’t even exist in the parental job description but sometimes the peace-loving, down-to-earth, joking around and talking to them on their level approach is just beyond the moment. Sometimes the little suckers can only push you so far.

At some point, you have just heard ENOUGH door slamming, heard “OKAY mom!” one too many times, been told to wait a minute so they can save their game more times than you can count.

You start to feel taken advantage of, as though you have lost control as the “adult” in the situation and need to remind them that it is from YOUR wallet their allowance comes and from YOUR hand the ass-smacking comes….grrrr….I really love my babies but I HATE not having anyone here to take up the slack……