I’m waiting for the panic to set in. The “Oh my gawd, we’re actually doing this!” panic.

We interviewed two different real estate agents last week. Lemme just say. Disrespecting your competition with a smarmy grin on your face when they are not there to defend themselves is just sleazy.

Yeah. That was the first joker we interviewed. Hair all gelled up. Brown saddle shoes. The guy was a total creep. And I quote-

“I won’t waste your time talking about me or [the company he works for]. You can look all that stuff up online.”

“I’ll go ahead and tell ya, the next guy’s gonna come in here and give you a flashy presentation…..”

Yes. The next guy did come in here and give us a flashy presentation. They took their time. They explained everything. Answered questions. They are a husband/wife team and are both retired Army. And they did not disrespect the competition.

Flash or not, I’ll choose classy over asshole any day.

So anyway. We have an agent. The house is going on the market June 1st.


If it sells early, fantastic. We’ve already got our short list of houses in Myrtle Beach. We’ve got our bank on board already. Everything is pretty much go. I really cannot believe it. It’s weird. We’re actually doing this. I mean, we decided a couple years ago that this is what we were going to do. And now. Ummm. We’re doing it.

I don’t know why that fascinates me. Everything is just so matter-of-fact. For the past 2 years, I’ve felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants. But when we explained everything to the agent lady, she was shocked by how well planned it all is. I never really thought it was. But now that I look back on it, yeah.

We’ve worked really hard to put ourselves in a position where we can actually do this.

We still have a couple stuff to do. A couple stuff. Three rooms still need painting. Shutters and front door. Front garden. Replacing the linoleum in the kitchen with tile. We’re going to get a storage place thingy in Myrtle Beach to store half our crap so we can stage the house. And that’s pretty much it. We are the original owners, so the house is already in pretty good shape. I’m actually shocked my little monsters haven’t burned it to the ground yet.